Our Story

This is the story behind Team 24


Team 24 Community is a diverse assembly of community leaders, innovators, and forward-thinkers united by a singular mission: to foster meaningful community growth. Founded on the belief that young individuals should have a platform where they can thrive beyond just sports — a space where they can cultivate skills for life, business, and entrepreneurship. Through in-depth workshops, dedicated mentorship, and engaging activities, Team 24 Community has emerged as a cornerstone for Arizona's youth, consistently fueled by the genuine spirit of the community.

Our mentorship programs aren't just about guidance; they're about creating lasting relationships that inspire and motivate. Activities are designed not just for engagement but to ignite a passion, a drive to excel, and to contribute positively back to the community.

And while our initiatives are varied, there's a common thread that binds all our endeavors: the heart and spirit of the community. Every step we take, every program we launch, is a testament to the community's aspirations and dreams. Our success isn't measured by numbers, but by the empowered individuals who, with our support, go on to make a difference in the world.

The essence of Team 24 Community is simple — it's a commitment to fostering a brighter future, one individual at a time.

Meet our Founder

Ruben Gammage

Once a rising star in youth leagues, faced life's adversities and found solace in community. Post-Hurricane Katrina, after a detour to New Orleans, he returned to Arizona and channeled his passion for football into mentoring youths. Recognizing the broader life lessons sports offered, he initiated tournaments. Despite modest expectations, 24 individuals rallied in support, leading to the inception of "Team 24" in 2013. Today, Team 24 remains committed to driving change and empowering the next generation.